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The monkeys at Flat20 are master creators. They shrink worlds and present it in a little digital window for the interactive universe to admire. After lifetimes wandering the creative space, our geniuses have finally settled down and are currently positioned in front of a computer, ready to work their magic. We always endeavour to create masterpieces that project your thoughts and dreams – everything that people adore about you. We build a strong foundation, so you can take your brand to the moon, and beyond.


Our artists pride themselves on building strong brands that captures the essence and personality of your business. Our bunch of doodlers spend hours experimenting with different colour pallets, manipulating images and sketching concepts to perfect a tailored digital platform that emits trust, competency and style.


In a world full of exceptional inventors, none are more inventive than writers. Having scribbled away in multiple sectors, our talented wordsmiths can transform technically complex information into attractive, understandable copy. Our proven copywriters continuously adapt tone and style to appeal and attract varying target markets.


Having deciphered the matrix, Flat20 deliver bespoke web solutions that enable our clients to exceed their strategic goals. Infatuated by code, we will provide a solid techy foundation to help you reach new clients, inform loyal customers and run the show.


All great digital strategies need a beginning and owning a website is the ideal start, but along your travels you will encounter the need to attract visitors. Our digital consultants are on standby to provide their honest expertise and offer guidance that will help you strive in a forever changing, technological world.

Last Project

Trade Mark Consultants: Brief

A complete redevelopment of the brand and digital strategy of an experienced law firm. Trade Mark Consultants wanted a product that showcased their expertise and their their extensive list of clients.

Trade Mark Consultants: Design

We produced a polished website that shifted away from the typical corporate appearance of a traditional law firm, without losing any sense of belonging and professionalism. The ‘clean’ look is designed to help clients understand the nature of intellectual property, without becoming overwhelmed.

    Trade Mark Consultants: Content

    We produced and presented technical content in an easily digestible format, topped up with original photography and video to illustrate the firm's services and add to the fresh aesthetics.

      Trade Mark Consultants: Strategy

      Flat20 continue to act as consultants to the firm, surrounding issues including data analytics, digital development and digital marketing, which includes pay-per-click, search engine optimisation and social media.

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